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Jan 24, 2012 4:00pm PST
news. >> carolyn did the sheriff or mayor talk about the complaint made by a second woman that became public yesterday? >> they did just briefly that. second woman says she's an ex-girlfriend of ross mirkarimi. he told us simply i'll fight it. the mayor says this is just another example of the distractions in this case taking time away from the office and the job mirkarimi is doing here at city hall. >> carolyn tyler reporting for us, tu when can they go home? that is what residents are wondering after a rock slide forced them to leave yesterday. engineers and geologists examine that had hillside to see if it's safe to return. leanne? >> i just got off the phone with the director of public works. i'm going to take a look at notes. he tells me the hillside is unstable. they have just determined that. he believes that more rocks will fall. they'll remove some of the faller rocks but will leave big boulders because those help protect the building. as for the residents, telling me those who are evacuated they'll be allowed back inside of the buildings but will recommend they not sl
Jan 26, 2012 4:00pm PST
nice sunny, mild day tomorrow. carolyn? larry? >> thank you. >> and well... frost is the problem in the central valley. freezing temperatures there have taken their toll on california citrus industry and growers say a fifth of the crop has been lost because of the cold. 10% of the naval or yanks were damaged. so far none of the ill affects of the freeze have shown up yet. >> and there is no dry cells and oranges are great. supply is all we want. and price is not changed. and they're likely to climb because growers say they set up wind machines to protect trees from frost you probably remember the flop "snakes on a plane" how about kitty in a cabin? that is what played out on a flight yesterday, delayed four hours after a 10-year-old tabby escaped under his owner's seat. she says airport security neglected to properly close the crate. >> some people tried to catch um in first class, then he took off into cockpit and nestled down. >> ground control was called in to remove electric panels in the cockpit so they can free the animal. debbie says this was ripple's first trip and his last.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2